Me and Gym – a new romance








Shagadagadooda, I have charted new waters this week in the quest for fit not thin. For dear reader I have ventured inside a gym, quelle horror! Well I have to admit this isn’t quite the first time, but it’s brand new to actually use the equipment (instruments of torture). My past visits have involved much poodling around; a dip in the pool, foray into the steam room, a bubble in the jacuzzi, searching tirelessly for hot chocolate – you get my drift.

It isn’t that I’m averse to exercise, I like a cheeky yoga session, quite enjoy a swim and surprisingly good in the surf, and nothing beats a good stomping walk. However on account of the half bionic knee the dreaded gym bunnies were calling. Or to be more accurate – much worse, doctors advice (shudder).

Mastered the cross trainer which was actually, dare I say it, rather fun. Naturally I was a little slower than my compadres, who were racing ahead with sweaty bits and bobs. My progress on the exercise bike was stately. All that was required was a little crown, perched nonchalantly (of course) at a jaunty angle.

But, joy dear reader! My knee actually made a revolution – such progress. Am starting to fantasise that one day I will be able to get my Pashley bike, or maybe one of Victoria Pembletons range, wicker basket and tingaling bell ringaling. Ding Dong!

Pictured: Chezza clutching chest after her gym session, luckily her headband stayed in place…


Badminton? Should be Goodminton!

Here at Williams and Cole Towers, we’re rocketing towards Christmas.  We can’t escape it…there are sparkly baubles, metres of tinsel and dodgy looking Santas adorning most high street shops now and yes, even those red cups are back in Starbucks.

This is the time of year that our weekly cake habit can turn dangerously into a daily one. Who can resist a mince pie? We can’t, so we thought we ought to ‘up’

…a lethal weapon in the wrong hands!

…a lethal weapon in the wrong hands!

the exercise and get serious about getting fit not thin….anything to avoid wearing ‘Spanx’ at the Chrsitmas do.

Now, there is nothing worse than traipsing off to your local swimming pool when it’s raining. The congealed mud and loose hairs swirling around the changing room floor is enough to send you scooting off to the local cake shop, so we thought we’d try our hand at badminton instead.

Back in the day, Em was a bit of a badminton whizz, so she volunteered to try it out. Scouted and coached as a young girl, she thought she’d flex her badminton wrist and see if she still ‘had it’.  Court booked and willing friend at the ready, it was time to grab that shuttlecock and give it a good whacking. One hour and six games later, how did she fair? Well, apart from seeing stars and having to stop during the first game to get her breath back, it went very well. Don’t be fooled into thinking that knocking a feathered (but lethal, if it hits you in the nether regions!) ‘weapon’ over a net is a genteel sport….it isn’t! Looking as pink as one of the beetroots she juices most mornings, Em is very aware that the post-badminton ‘glow’ isn’t a good look, but it’s worth it…she felt great afterwards and celebrated by stopping off at Starbucks on the way home for a caramel macchiato. So, is this a good way to get fit not thin? It sure is…we give it 10/10.  Give it a go…you can play at most sports centres, so grab a friend and give it a whirl or maybe go along to a badminton club. Remember Ladies (and gentlemen?), anything is better than the Spanx and you could even get away with having another mince pie!

For more information, check out

One in a….minion!

Whether you’ve seen the film, ‘Despicable Me’ or not, you’ll probably know what a minion is by now. They’re the cute little yellow things that babble away in their own special language (bit like us, then), shouting the odd ‘banana’ to keep us, and themselves, amused.  They’re certainly a hit with us, so imagine our delight when we saw this cute little fella on Twitter…..we just had to have one.  It turns out that this little Minion is made by the lovely Sarah of @KnitsNotPerfect (we think it is perfect though). Not only is she a whizz with the knitting needles, but she is also one of the best female comedy improv performers out there too, a perfect match we think.

Meet 'Steve'...our little Minion.

Meet ‘Steve’…our little Minion.

Sarah makes lots of lovely things, so check her out on Twitter and find out for yourself.  As for our little Minion (whom, we’ve called ‘Steve’), we think he’s definitely worthy of being featured on our ‘Fabulous’ blog!

Caffe Chai Swan Street Warwick – Cinibun Cheekiness!

This morning we visited another fabulous coffee shop from the Great Shire -Caffe Chai in Warwick.

We had the warmest welcome from the splendid Simi, who kept us entertained throughout our visit.  This is surely a sign of a good place to be, friendly owners with tempting treats!

We had one of the most delicious cakes a cinibun, which was a colossal cheeky cinnamon creation, which Chezza dived into head first (literally). Ems sustained herself (hard work this review lark!) on a lovely Danish with raspberry and spent the afternoon rather wired on two  cappuccinos.  We had a peruse of the other goodies on offer and have to say next time its going to have to be the apple pie with caramel.

We weren’t the only ones impressed, there were lots of regulars and happy smiley banter that made us feel cocooned in a slice of coffee shop heaven. mmnnnn bliss….DSC_0163



Getting Fit While Eating….CAKE!


Quite simply, we love cake! Chocolate, carrot, coffee….you name it, we’ll eat it. Regular listeners of our radio show and our lovely twitter followers will know that we couldn’t possibly record our show without eating a Chelsea Bun from the delightful Crustum’s in Kenilworth or a french fancy from Leamington’s Comme ci Comme ca, all washed down with a cup of Chezza’s fancy Earl Grey tea and Em’s (far too strong) coffee.  Now, we know all to well that if we continue with this sugary indulgence, we risk putting on some pounds, so we’ve decided to find out if there is a way to still enjoy the occasional slice (yeah, right!) and get fit at the same time.  So, our little campaign, ‘Fit Not Thin’ was born…..

Armed with a yoga mat, tennis rackets and a mini trampoline, we set about stretching, volleying and bouncing our way to fitness, but alas we succumbed to a slice of homemade maple and pecan loaf instead.  Deciding that we needed some outside help, we contacted a lovely Sports Nutritionist called Georgina who gave us a diet and activity sheet to fill in.  Being brutally honest about what we ate and did for a week came as quite a shock, especially when we thought we were only ever a portion of spinach away from having muscles like Popeye.  The lovely Georgina has now whipped the diet sheets away from us and is currently ‘digesting’ (pun intended) our information….it’s like we’re sititing outside of the Headteacher’s office waiting to be told off.

So, to keep us motivated, we’re going to make a little documentary about our ‘Fit Not Thin’ journey and keep blogging about it too. We will never give up the cake and we’re deluded (more than normal) if we think the lovely Georgina will come back and say “yes, eat all the cake you want”, but we are serious (for once) about getting and keeping fit.

We’ll keep you all posted…..(now, where did we put that cake?)


A little ooh la la in Leamington - Comme Ci, Comme Ca

Oui we say!

We visited this very fabulous café this morning and can heartily recommend the almond and raspberry pastry and coffee served in the nicest of tea cups, perfect for our ‘Queenie’ moments. This little slice of pastry heaven is on Warwick Street, having started in High Street, where they still sprinkle their lovelieness on the ‘Spa. Soon to be opening in Kenilworth in November, it’s one of our new favourites. Have to mention the cake counter – ooooh, marvellous macaroons, as well as tarts and creamy gorgeousness (yes please). We had to have a sample (in the nature of research) and the salted caramel macaroon, gets our vote. Pop in when in need of a little uplift, sugar, sweet and all things nice – good for the soul. We salute you Comme Ci, Comme Ca

Fit Not Thin - Grrrrrrrrr

The fit not thin campaign starts here. We’re aiming on becoming Amazonians! As in strong fit women rather than a river or online music/book seller. We thought wearing goggles were appropriate somehow. Let’s ‘av it!