Williams and Cole do…..Fabulous!


Well we love a hat at a jaunty angle (nice one Ems) or a black dress and smoky eye (how very film star Chez) and that amongst other things is why we have decided on the Williams and Cole do…. fabulous blog. We wanted to champion all of the splendid gorgeousness and individuality of our wonderful Warwickshire and share it all with you.

It’s not about high fashion (what the heck is that anyway) or fakery and botox. It’s about all of us in this wonderful shire, all shapes, sizes, colours, ages, sex, you name it; if it’s gorgeous we will try and capture it. It’s about that twinkle in the eye,  a delicious coffee, maybe a particularly attractive cravat (oh sir) or a very cool indeed tee or a beautiful flower display. If we love it we may take a snap (we’ll always ask first) and share the love. We are all about capturing Warwickshire wonderfulness in all its forms, we love a tea-shop, a beautiful display and salute our independent retailers in all there fabulousness.

In the words of Christina Aquelira whatsherface (yes really) ‘You are beautiful, no matter what they say’ well flippen eck’ Warwickshire, we do say!